ASP Europe
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The future of infrastructure is in our hands!





ASP is short for advanced stabilization polymer.

Cleaner, longer lasting and environmentally friendly roads is one of our applications

ASP Europe uses an innovative and patented eco-friendly enzymatic polymer emulsion as a soil binder.  This polymer has the ability to solidify all types of soil ranging from sand to stone by forming physical bonding between soil, stones and gravel particles or other natural construction materials. 



Areas of Application

Roads & railways

With ASP-GC we lower cost for road-construction in many ways, for example by reducing transportation of filling materials, the maintenance cost is considerably lower, we use eco-friendly materials and we expand the lifetime of the road constructed with ASP-GC .


ASP Hybrid prevents desert spreading. Drained areas becomes arable again. The application also prevents dust storms that are a problem globally.


With ASP-Earthblocks we produce building blocks from any soil. It's simple, cheap and very effective to produce earth blocks for one 66 square meters house per day. The application also provides isolation and earth blocks impermeable for water.